A Piece of My Heart

Living Through the Grief of Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Death

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Published by: Conari Press
Release Date: June 1, 2000
Pages: 200
ISBN13: 978-1573245104


Despite advancements in the care of those who are suffering from the loss of a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death, many parents, especially mothers, cannot or will not give themselves permission to mourn. Their feelings are real and complex, yet they are often denied a safe place to live through and ultimately befriend the grieving. A Piece of My Heart is such a friend.

The moving story of a mother's loss of her week-old son, it chronicles an amazing journey that began with denial and guilt, found its way through remembrance and reconciliation, and ended in resolution and surprising joy.

A beautiful book about the necessity of grieving the loss of unlived lives, it shows readers who are going through similar experiences a shared understanding and wraps them in a warm cloak of support and friendship. Readers will be affirmed in the sacred right of all parents to mourn the loss of their children, however short their lives, and will be shown the path toward eventual healing.

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“A rich, personal testimony to the fact that death cannot negate the ultimacy of love.”
Robert McAfee Brown, theologian

"This compassionate work provides an intimate journey into Fumia's repressed grief over losing her newborn son and her ultimate reconciliation with her own guilt. Moving beyond her own circumstances, she offers direct advice to others who have lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Her approachable story is punctuated with quotes by celebrated author Elie Wiesel, whose books immensely influenced Fumia and eventually helped her to recognize and come to terms with her own grief. Her key message is that all losses and grief deserve respect and should not be minimized regardless of the situation..."
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